The Arifianto Family | Luther Burbank Park, Mercer Island, WA

November 7, 2019

The golden hues of Autumn sun on this beautiful family was incredible more than I could ask for. They are adventurers, and have traveled and lived in more places than a family with two young children would ever dare to do, let alone even dream! It is so obvious that their travels have shaped who they are as a family. Observing how close their children are to each other, and really how they all have a special connection, is evidence of that. They know more than most families perhaps that home is where the heart is. And it was oh so beautiful to capture <3
Most people dread the shortened days as our Seattle weather begins it’s cold season. I, on the other hand, welcome the early sunsets. It is why clients will often hear me recommend a late afternoon as the perfect time for their Fall session (yes, even for families with little ones who prefer mornings!). It’s just an opportunity that I can’t help but mention in the Fall; I forever want the best for my clients and light like this is something I don’t want you to miss!



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