The Gusick Family | Kirkland, WA

June 25, 2018

There was so much to love about this golden hour shoot with the Gusick family. This was like any other family shoot I’ve done, just this time the cute toddler/baby was the sweetest little fur baby. In all honesty, it sounded just like any one of my sessions with a toddler; mom was making little calls from behind me to get her attention, Dad was sternly telling her to sit and stay, and I even had the squeaky toy out to get her attention!

Of course I say this all in a very “tongue in cheek” manner. This beautiful animal isn’t actually a baby anymore, she actually is approaching her golden years (majestically might I add). We all mention so easily and glibly how time passes us by, but are so often taken aback when we suddenly realize its affects on the world around us, on ourselves, and most especially our loved ones, be they human or animal. I was happy to help time stand still for a moment for this family to gather some pictures with their furry companion, who quite honestly will always be their baby.




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