The Mackay Family | Bellevue Botanical Gardens

October 3, 2019


Beauty takes so many forms, but none more beautiful than connections like these. The Mackay family forever graces my lens with fun and great love, especially, between these two parents! They are forever and always a true pleasure to photograph.

When I capture their wonderful children, I see who my own may be in a few years and I feel more and more their parents’ need to photograph them year over year. With my children so young, I find myself capturing them to hold on to their littleness, and maybe you do that too. Ever find yourself gravitating towards images of your children that show hints of their babyhood? I know I do. But as our children become adolescents, I feel like it will change; while we may forever be seeking the hints of who they always were, our marvel at the amazing people they’ve become will begin to take over…



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