The Meusel Family | Golden Gardens Beach, Seattle WA

July 21, 2018

The Meusel family was so gorgeously wild, free and genuine during our session as I’ve always known them to be. Their strawberry blond beauty danced in the wind for us while her red-haired baby brother gave me the cheekiest and silliest of grins. And through it all, their parents’ love drew it all together.

When we pick our partner, we make a commitment. What life has in store for us, we become ready to face it together; through richer or poorer, through thick or thin, through sickness and health. Time tests this bond for all of us, and over and over again I am in constant admiration of this couple’s ability to roll with life’s punches. The sacrifices they’ve made for each other and their family have been great, but at no point has their genuine love, kindness and generosity ever wavered in the face of life’s adversities. In fact I think it furthers their conviction to spread love and positivity into each other, their family, and out there into the world around them.  You can see it reflected in the tight relationships they make and most notably in their children who are so incredibly loving and well-adjusted in turn. Through it all they are grateful; grateful for this life and all its moments both significant and fleeting. Don’t you think it shows?



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