The Welch Family | Mercer Slough, Bellevue, WA

November 3, 2016

As any Seattle-lite knows, the only constant is change for autumn weather in our area! Luckily a small break from the rain last weekend found me rushing out with the Welch family to one of my most favorite locations, the Mercer Slough. In true Washingtonian fashion, this gorgeous family had no qualms tromping through the muddy blue berry field, newly awash in red (they are always a bright green throughout spring/summer), with the rainbow colors of autumn along the ridge as their backdrop.


I love working with families who are so incredibly involved and connected with their children. These parents certainly epitomized that sentiment – it shines through effortlessly in the photos of them and their lovely daughters. I hope you all can see it as I do in these photos. Happy Friday!




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