The Flasko Family | Juanita Bay, Kirkland, WA

June 12, 2018

I love photographing this family. They go with the flow; they are never hung up on this or that. They truly want to be documented in the here and now; they want all of the beauty within the chaos, the sun among the clouds, and the smiles along with the shy glances. They always let go, allowing me to take care of capturing them while they are in their element outdoors; this is my ultimate desire for all of my sessions.

I met these boys when their firstborn was only three months old; he had just joined our daycare. I remember R being so tiny, but boy did he grow! We all worked at Microsoft at the time as so many of us do on the Seattle-Eastside and we soon discovered we had all graduated around the same time from the same Canadian university back home on Vancouver Island. And like us, they moved here almost immediately after graduating and started their life together here all on their own. The world is such a small place, meeting with this family to photograph or just hang out always reminds me of home and the people there. Some serendipitous meetings are pretty special, eh?








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