Sahay | Winter Maternity | Buttonwood Farm

March 11, 2018

When you get married it’s easy to view this new bond as connecting two family trees, while being completely oblivious to the fact that you’ve ultimately started your own family; a small family of two. It honestly takes creating life to realize the poignancy of the new connecting branches you’ve made in your ancestral tree. The arrival of the newest and littlest member of your family (and your new “mom” and “dad” hats) brings along that true meaning of family; your family.

This little mama was going to have a winter baby, so I immediately suggested the Christmas tree farm here in Redmond for our sunset location. A fitting choice it was; their baby boy was born five days after our shoot and he arrived right on Christmas day! She was hesitant to have photographs done, but with some goading from her husband decided to just go ahead and do it – and she’s glad she did! Every pregnancy is special, but that first pregnancy is truly a defining moment; it’s like watching all the promises, both spoken and unspoken, that you and your partner made turn into something to truly have and hold.

I am so happy for the new addition to this family, and LOVED photographing these two in that quiet moment before Baby A changed their lives forever. Cheers and congrats to this new family of three!



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