The Gutt Family | Green Lake, Seattle WA

November 17, 2017

While my main objective during a session is always to capture everyone looking (and smiling to boot!) I must admit that what I truly love to capture are connections. That one look here, that sweet smile there. In this session, I felt those moments between this mother and her two daughters; those looks were so precious, so deep and so heart-fulfilling.

As for dad, I’ve photographed many fathers with their children, and so I’ve seen a fair share of wonderful and engaged fathers, but this one in particular struck me as special. I could tell he was one to bend over backwards to make sure his girls were happy, warm and engaged; everyone’s smiles were the brightest when he was looking at his girls.

Through my lens, I get a small peek into your family’s daily life. For this family, I’m pretty confident I have a peek into the wonderful future of these girls; a loving mother and an attentive father who won’t settle for less when it comes to their happiness. How lucky are these two children?






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