The Lau Family | Bellevue Botanical Gardens, Bellevue, WA

October 16, 2016

We were worried we would get rained out last weekend, but the Lau family held steadfast to the original date and time, and we all arrived at Bellevue Botanical Gardens just as the sun appeared for the first (and only) time that day. I’m so glad we didn’t end up rescheduling, some families really do have the universe on their side!

Their four-year old was a doll, able to smile on command, while the littlest was as most 2 year-olds are – curious and never still (the way they should be). Miraculously, he was able to look into the camera for every family shot, making it one of my record highs for family shots this year, which is easy I suppose when you have a group this photogenic. A big thank you to the Lau family for making for a fun and happy Sunday, we captured so many great moments!




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