Baby W | In-home Baby Session

January 31, 2019

Photographing Baby W was a special event. Along with being the sweetest and chubbiest baby I’ve seen in a while, I know his parents well. We all moved to Washington State from Vancouver Island (Canada) at essentially the same time. They recently moved back to the island after a decade of being State-side with us, and while we were sad to see them go, we understood their motives to be near family, and to go back to their roots where it all started.

They are incredibly insightful people who do things on their own time. I’ve always admired how they never needed to know what path they are travelling on; it was always the journey that was key, and most importantly, that they were on the same path together. I am so excited to have Baby W join them on their journey; we know whatever path leads this family, it will be towards happiness. Welcome baby W, and we love you dearly Coopers!




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