Lin Family Photos | Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

April 22, 2017

I was thrilled to see this gorgeous family again almost exactly a year from our last family photoshoot together. They were one of the first families I was blessed to photograph last year – they might be my lucky charm. The boys were a bit under the weather, and honestly, I bet the parents were too, but this family insisted that we do the shoot. That’s what so awesome about these parents. With two twin boys, and full-time working jobs, they are masters of rolling with the punches. It only made sense that they wanted to capture them as they were in that moment, because seriously, there ain’t no time for perfect when you’re busy parents with multiples! I had fun putting down my camera for a few minutes and just playing with the twins to make sure they had a fun time too (and once they were the camera went right back up to capture their cute faces!).



The weather has been, and still continues to be erratic (did we seriously have thundershowers, hail, and sun all within the span of a half-hour a couple days ago?!). It just makes me think that all these showers will yield an incredible summer come May, so I’m beyond excited for the next couple months and I hope you are too!



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