The Chisholm Family | Golden Gardens Beach Park, Seattle WA

July 6, 2017

83 lux photography

The Chisholms and I headed out to the beach on one of the hottest days in Seattle, and, given the pending heat, we decided to switch our evening shoot to a morning one. Photographing in full sunlight can be a challenge, however, I’m a full believer now that one of the only places that you can get away with it is by beach!

I had an amazing time with my friends out on this beach. Their daughters are both fearless and full of sweetness, a combination not often seen that I can’t help but appreciate and admire. It’s their first year here in the States, and I really have no words to express how glad I am that they landed here! I loved what we captured that day, and hope it will serve as wonderful memories of this pivotal year in their lives (the first year of many here)!











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