The Knight Family | Bellevue Botanical Gardens

November 24, 2020

I can’t talk about the first five years of my children’s lives without mentioning the mother of this family of four; she was more than our daycare provider when my husband and I were both full-time working parents, she was their third parent who became our trusted friend. All the while she was running her own business, she was raising her own three children (two to adulthood, and one to toddlerhood!) and going to school to obtain her Masters. We of course had to get a picture of her in her cap and gown alongside her son who just graduated high school! She is a true testament to hard work and perseverance; a role model to her own children and my own. When I photographed her with her own beautiful children, I saw reflected within her all the love, nurturing, and kindness she bestowed upon mine and countless other little ones in her care. I am still learning and taking notes from her as I raise my own children!

She recently moved out of state, and while we all were saddened to see her go, we are so very excited for her next adventure and for what is to come for her and family. Love you, J and the Knight family!



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