The Gutt Family

February 22, 2021

Everyone who steps in front of my lens has a story to tell, whether they know it or not. A part of that story can be told when you all look in my camera smiling (picture perfect!), but the true stories are told in that look between mother and child, that laughter, that giggle, or in the cutest little face scrunch from that inside joke that only your family knows. It’s in these details that I seek the true pulse of your family and the unique and special relationships that defines it.

To tell the story of this beautiful blue-eyed family last year, we battled the stress-ball that was year 2020 and multiple reschedules due to September’s wildfire smog! But we made it out there in the beautiful haze. It was one of our last days of summer sun before the transition to Fall, and it was just a true moment of magic and gratefulness.



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