The Meusel Family

June 29, 2020

This family wears their hearts on their sleeves (if I haven’t told you that already a million times before about this beautiful family). This was a special little shoot as this family was a month away from moving out of WA state, so we chose the most PNW spot we could think of! It was a drive, but so worth it. I will miss this family dearly; words can’t express my feelings for each of these four people who are also our friends. I hope that I’ll have opportunities to photograph them in the future if they ever step back to good ol’ Upper Left, USA!
I haven’t blogged any of the sessions I’ve had this year; I certainly have not been immune to the craziness of this historic year! My own personal mantra this year has been “You can’t do it all, so just do what you can” and so in that spirit I’m trying to get all my 2020 sessions so far up onto the blog. This session was quite literally the first shoot I had after coming out of Washington state’s COVID-19 lockdown, so we’ll start there, shall we? This family had faith that we they wouldn’t need to reschedule, and their original scheduled date happened to fall right as we entered a phase were outdoor photography was allowable once again. Some families are truly blessed. I myself am feeling blessed over here that all clients (new and old) this year have felt safe to hold our sessions outdoors and have been satisfied with the adjustments we’ve made to ensure the safety of everyone at location, so a big thank you to all my clients, I am SO very grateful for all you!







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