The Engelsberg Family | Bellevue Botanical Gardens

May 28, 2020

With her parents flying in from Trinidad and his parents from Germany, the directive this couple gave me for this family session last year was to photograph their daughter with all four of her grandparents as much as possible. We had a lovely session with the most beautiful of people, and the cutest little girl surrounded by so, so much love!

When I photographed the generations in this family last year, I knew it was something special, but I didn’t realize how much until now. A half a year later from this session, it seems surreal that all flights are grounded across the world due to our world health crisis. And while everyone in this family is healthy and safe, they will not be able to see each other for quite some time. And in that time, so many beautiful changes can happen for one small family; jobs change, the kids grow, babies are born. It’s bittersweet not to just be able to fly to each other to witness it all in person.

This is where I am glad we photographers come in to capture these singular points in time for ultimate recall, especially during an iconic year like this. I truly can’t wait to be allowed by WA state (King county) to continue capturing beautiful families like this. And when I do, I want you to think about this: a year from now, what and who do you want to remember?



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