The Nguyen Family

April 30, 2020

I was scheduled to photograph this family this weekend, but current events have obviously changed those plans. So instead I find it fitting to post their photos from last autumn.

This family, like many of us, are doing the best they can with remote schooling for two of their children, the typical demands of a toddler, all while both parents work full-time (thankfully from remote). I can only imagine some days are full of structure, while others don’t even come close, especially as Washington State’s mandatory Stay Home order is lengthened. But they are doing alright, as they, like so many of us, have come to appreciate the family-time that has arose from all of this.

Time with family is something we parents have always wanted, but never were able to achieve during our (former) rush-here, rush-there lives. But now here it is, ours for the taking. For those of us staying safe inside, let’s not waste it trying to force routines, working to make that next deadline, or stressing over the latest pandemic news. Instead let’s take advantage of it. Take a break from the “new mundane” to talk, cook, eat, play, and laugh with those you love most; it is what is needed during these uncertain times. And one day, when this is all over, and we shed the masks, the social distance, and our fears, I hope the time we foster for togetherness to be one of the beautiful things that remain.



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