The Lee Family | Mercer Slough, Bellevue WA

March 8, 2019

Despite the ever-changing and cold weather we get around these parts during our long winter, sometimes we get lucky and get some really nice and dry days, even during the frostiest of winter months. Such was the luck with the Lee family. Their little cutie is turning one this weekend, it is such a big milestone for her and for this truly beautiful family. She is treasured and loved by so many, so it is without a doubt that she will is going to have a most wonderful birthday weekend; her amazing parents are going to make sure of it!

The year that follows the birth of your first child is filled with more than just their first smiles, laughs, and toddling steps. So often, however, we forget that this year was full of firsts for you in your new role as a parent. So as you celebrate every birthday for your child, remember to celebrate for yourself too; as your family grew, so did you! So please help me wish this little cutie a happy first birthday, and also congratulate this family on their first year as a family of three!





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