The Mackay Family | Mercer Slough, Bellevue WA

November 13, 2018

The Mackay family was more than I could ask for as a new client. They were the most loving family, and gorgeous to boot! I was most impressed with the children. They were so engaging, talkative and vibrant; they are truly a testament to supportive and loving parenting. It’s funny how sometimes one can just tell even after just one meeting.

This family chose one of my most favorite locations, one that many clients chose as their location this year. Some may wonder if I ever get tired shooting at the same location over and over again and I truly don’t mind at all. I say it time and time again that it’s never the location that matters; it is always about you and the relationships between each member of your family. It is those connections that make each moment I capture for you unique, no matter what the setting. That is what makes your session special and so darn beautiful, as evidenced in the moments you see here with this lovely family!






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