Baby M & The Lum Family

December 11, 2017

Our homes are our intimate spaces. They are our places of comfort, our source of pride, our greatest setting for joy. As the cold rolls in with the winter months, indoor sessions make so much sense, especially with new little additions to the family. People worry about having their clutter photographed; our instinct is to hide that collection of disparate objects in that one corner of our home that have been sealed there with permanence by time. I don’t mind those things. Those objects portray the realness of family life; they are the accoutrements to both the joys and trials of life within your four walls, and I’m happy to capture them in the periphery.

We head home for Christmas next week, as we have every year since we moved away from Canada. Like every year I contemplate skipping the travel and staying here in Washington state for the holidays; to forgo old traditions in my childhood home to make new ones in the home we’ve built here. But every year, so much supersedes that desire. Especially as more children are born into the family. This year, two little ones have been added to our large brood. One of those new additions is Baby M pictured here. My niece is an alert and intelligent little thing, who so far is a congenial baby loved by her sweet big brother. She’s the first girl on my side after a successive string of five boys, so I may hold a small little sweet spot in my heart for her.




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