The You Family | Mercer Slough, Bellevue WA Family This beautiful family graced my lens on a perfect and balmy night at the slough. Their little girl is their everything, and rules the roost; both parents admit it with proud acceptance! And honestly, ... READ MORE The Howe Family | Bellevue Botanical Gardens | Bellevue, WA Family This Momma knew exactly what she wanted for Mother's Day - pictures of her and her boy amongst the beautiful backdrop of the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. She said her son has "Photographer Child Syndro... READ MORE Shoot and Share Photo Contest 2019 Personal Development This is my second year entering the Shoot and Share Photo Contest, and I'm always so glad I entered; 75% of the images I submitted placed in the top 30% or higher within their categories! Thousands of... READ MORE The Magic of Golden Hour Family The sun's appearance after our long and dark winters (remember Seattle's Snowmaggedon just a month ago?) brings so much life to all of Seattle. It gives me so much creative inspiration for the year to... READ MORE The Tzeng Family | Kubota Gardens, Seattle WA Family Year after year the Tzeng’s grace me with the fun and laughter of an incredibly warm and loving family. Their boys epitomize the intelligence and respect of invested parenting, and the emotion and sen... READ MORE The Lee Family | Mercer Slough, Bellevue WA Family Despite the ever-changing and cold weather we get around these parts during our long winter, sometimes we get lucky and get some really nice and dry days, even during the frostiest of winter months. S... READ MORE Baby W | In-home Baby Session Baby Photographing Baby W was a special event. Along with being the sweetest and chubbiest baby I've seen in a while, I know his parents well. We all moved to Washington State from Vancouver Island (Canada... READ MORE Jasmine | Senior Photos, Bellevue WA Family One of the best parts of being a photographer for families is watching the kids grow. Pictured here is a young lady that is far from being a kid, but one that I first met when she was just ten years o... READ MORE Dear 2018 Clients – Thank You Family I am immensely grateful and touched by all who let me into their narrative this year. I am honored to have had you choose me as your photographer, and am so incredibly proud of the images we've captur... READ MORE The Broeder Family | Mercer Slough, Bellevue WA Family The Broeder family is one of my favorite families to photograph. Our last session was almost a year to the date, and while we didn't get sun this time, we received the magic of fog, which works so wel... READ MORE