The Flasko Family | Denny Park, Kirkland

May 22, 2016

I was so thankful to spend the morning with the Flasko family at Denny Park in Kirkland. We just beat the rain in time to snap some great shots of Mike and Elisa and their two awesome boys.

R was having a good time, smiling on command (love it!), and while little C was having a rough morning (early morning wake-ups are never fun), we were able to eke out the smiles, giggles and funny faces.

The Flasko family originally hail from Canada just like us (turns out we all went to the same university, at the same time)! It’s not every day we get to hang out with a family who has similar roots as us, and to meet one that has forged a similar path here in The States is even more special. I had so much fun capturing this loving, strong and just all-around wonderful family!



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