The Lin Family | Idylwood Park, Redmond, WA

April 17, 2016

I was  so glad we we could make a time work last second for Yang and her boys on a sunny day on the Eastside. I’m looking forward to more days like this as spring heads into our beloved Seattle summer!

These two boys were the epitome of what two preschool-age brothers should be; they fought for their toys (their “territory”) as all siblings will, but played in a comforting silence that can only be shared by two people who grow up together and will know each other for practically their entire lives. With their beautiful, loving mother watching over them, I see great love and strength in this family.

Thank you for letting me photograph you that day, at that spot, in that moment in time. It’s surreal to think the seconds we captured here are in a way immortalized, never to be reproduced in exactly the same way ever again! But c’est la vie – life knows only change as its constant (our growing children are the greatest testaments to that), so onward and upwards to all the seconds hereafter!




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