The Gutt Family | UW Arboretum

April 1, 2016

The Gutt family requested the same location as my previous shoot earlier in the day, and I thought, why not? The UW arboretum was not out to disappoint anyone on that beautifully overcast day! With their 7 month old in tow, you can easily tell whose captivating blue eyes ended up being the star of this photo shoot.

Baby T was adorable as could be that day – Daddy knew all the tricks to get his baby girl to smile and giggle!

While Daddy had the giggle power, it was so apparent that Mom had the calming powers. There’s something special between a mother and her child during the infant stage of life, and I saw that between baby and mother during this shoot. It’s a strong and intimate bond, sometimes hard to describe in words, but luckily, can be captured in one look:


I couldn’t be happier for this couple and their newest addition – you guys are doing wonderfully. Thank you for letting me capture you on this day!



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